Munro tables

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Munro tables

Munros are named after Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet —who produced the first list of such hills, known as Munro's Tablesin Also included were what Munro considered lesser peaks, now known as Munro Topswhich are also over 3, feet but are lower than the nearby primary mountain. The publication of the original list is usually considered to be the epoch event of modern peak bagging.

As of 2 July6, people had reported completing a round. Before the publication of Munro's Tables inthere was much uncertainty about the number of Scottish peaks over 3, feet. Estimates ranged from 31 in M.

Baddeley's guides to listed in Robert Hall's third edition of The Highland Sportsman and Touristpublished in When the Scottish Mountaineering Club was formed inone of its aims was to remedy this by accurately documenting all of Scotland's mountains over 3, feet.

Sir Hugh Munro, a founding member of the Club, took on the task using his own experience as a mountaineer, as well as detailed study of the Ordnance Survey six inches to the mileand one-inch to the milemaps. Munro researched and produced a set of tables that were published in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal in September The tables listed summits over 3, feet, of which were regarded as "separate mountains".

The term Munro applies to separate mountains, while the lesser summits are known as Munro Tops. Munro did not set any measure of topographic prominence by which a peak qualified as a separate mountain, so there has been much debate about how distinct two hills must be if they are to be counted as two separate Munros. The Scottish Mountaineering Club has revised the tables, both in response to new height data on Ordnance Survey maps and to address the perceived inconsistency as to which peaks qualify for Munro status.

Inthe publication of Alan Dawson's book Relative Hills of Britainshowed that three Munro Tops not already considered summits, had a prominence of more than feet The tables promoted five of these to full Munro status. The Munros, however, lack a rigid set of criteria for inclusion, with many summits of lesser prominence listed, principally because their summits are hard to reach. The summit height of Beinn a' Chroin was also changed to The current SMC list; totals summits.

It is the highest peak in the British Isleswith an elevation of 4, Compared with some continental ranges, Scottish mountains might be modest in height, but walking and climbing in them can be treacherous because of their latitude and exposure to Atlantic and Arctic weather systems. Even in summer, conditions can be atrocious; thick fog, strong winds, driving rain and freezing summit temperatures are not unusual. Winter ascents of some Munros are serious undertakings due to the unpredictable weather, the likelihood of ice and snow, and poor visibility.

Some walkers are unprepared for extreme weather on the exposed tops and fatalities are recorded every year, often resulting from slips on wet rock or ice. Some hillwalkers aim to climb every Munro, known as "Munro bagging". Munro-bagging is a form of peak bagging. A walker who has climbed all Munros is entitled to be called a Munroist. By 2 July6, people had completed the Munros. The first "completionist" was to be the Reverend A. Robertsoninlater minister at Braes of Rannoch from Burn is also indisputably the first person to climb all the Munro Tops.

The person with the most rounds of Munros is Steven Fallon from Edinburghwho has completed 16 rounds as of 1 October Ben Fleetwood is probably the youngest person to have completed a round. He climbed the final Munro of his round — Ben More — on 30 August at the age of 10 years and 3 months. The journey is fully documented in his book Hamish's Mountain Walk. The first reported completion of all the Munros plus the Munro Tops in one continuous expedition was by Chris Townsend in The round was broken twice for spells at the office, [68] which could be regarded as stretching the meaning of "continuous".

He used motor transport campervan to link his walk.

munro tables

It took him 66 days and 22 hours. This also included running the other 3, foot peaks in Great Britain.You can also read our hill newswhich details changes to the various hill lists in Scotland. We also keep a record of completionists and we welcome you to submit details of your round to us.

We recently published an iOS app version of our Munros book. More details are avaialbe here. That compares with registrations in The list of distinct Scottish peaks of ft The list that was originally drawn up by Sir H. Munro in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal in was unfinished at the time of his death. Munro did not write down a precise definition of what he meant by "sufficient separation", though the character of a mountain did enter into it.

Through regular use these hills have become known as the Munros. The current list contains peaks. The SMC maintains the list of Munros.

Schiehallion - My 1st Munro 2019

In recent times the list has only been altered to reflect updates to nationally recognised topographic data i. We record all such changes as hill news. The list of distinct Scottish peaks of ft and over, that fail to meet the criteria of "sufficient separation" from their neighbouring peaks see above. There are currently Munro Tops.

munro tables

The Scottish Mountaineering Club's definitive hillwalkers' guidebook to the Munros. All profits from this best selling guidebook have been donated to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust. More Information. The list of all peaks in Scotland with a height of ft m or more and less than ft The Corbetts are more clearly defined than is the case with the Munros, only the aforementioned rules and sufficiently detailed topographic data are necessary to reproduce the list of hills in the set.

He was a distinguished student at Cambridge University and an original member of the Rucksack Club. Corbett was a regular attendee at SMC meets, a committee member and joint editor of the second edition of the Northern Highlands guidebook. He completed the Munros and Tops inonly the second person to do so and, more remarkably, he climbed all Scotland's ft hills.

There are currently Corbett Tops in addition to the Corbetts. Refreshed in the reprint following height surveys and changes to access and routes. The companion guide to The Munros, describing the recommended routes up all Corbetts Scottish hills between and feet in heightplus many other popular 'lesser hills' from the Pentlands and the Campsie Fells to the Outer Hebrides.

The list of all distinct peaks in Scotland which are ft Like the Corbetts, this list is well defined and requires only the aforementioned rules and sufficiently detailed topographic data to reproduce the list of hills in the set. Scottish hills within this height range were previously called Elsies short for Lesser Corbetts - LCs. The original list of Elsies, and the new list were rationalised and combined by Fiona Torbet and Alan Dawson and this set of hills became known as the Grahams.

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The list of all peaks in Scotland with a height of ft There are currently Graham Tops in addition to the Grahams. Donald Tops are defined as elevations in the Scottish Lowlands of at least ft m in height with a drop of at least 50ft Further, elevations separated from higher elevations by a drop of less than ft Donalds, or Donald Hills, are subsequently defined from Donald Tops, where a Hill is the highest Top with a separation of 17 units or less.

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Read More. JCC Cafe.This is a list of Munro mountains and Munro Tops in Scotland by height. Munros are defined as Scottish mountains over 3, feet The summit position moved to the west ridge when a new highest point of Beinn a' Chroin was discovered inat Some authors have attempted to redefine Munros based on objective metric criteria.

Such hills have been called Real Munros or Marilyn Munros. Both categories have been called Metric Munros. The list of Munros dates fromand of the Munros below, were on the original list; [2] while 28 of the Munro Tops, were once Munros. Robertson in ; his is recorded as Munroist Number 1 on the official SMC list, which by 2 Julynumbered 6, names. The DoBIH uses the following codes for the various classifications of mountains and hills in the British Isleswhich many of the above peaks also fall into: [15] [16].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of Munros. Scottish mountains over 3, ft on the official list of Munros. For Munro Tops the hierarchy is shown in Munro's Tables. For a few tops the parent is topographically incorrect on current mapping i.

Munro Tops are summits that are over 3,ft, but considered to be a subsidiary top of a nearby Munro. There are currently Munro Tops. The Murdos, a list created by Alan Dawson to bring objectivity to the classification of subsidiary summits of Munros, are Scottish hills over 3,ft with a minimum drop of 30 metres on all sides.

There are Murdos. A Munro is a Scottish mountain over ft in height, distinct and separate from its surrounding mountains. Munro's Tables were originally compiled in by Sir Hugh Munro, but are now revised and maintained by the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

The Munro Society

Munro; Derek A. Bearhop Scottish Mountaineering Club. The list of distinct Scottish peaks of ft Founded in membership is open to anyone who has climbed all the Munro summits as listed in Munro's Tables at the time of compleation - currently there are mountains of Munro status with a height of ft or more above sea level.

This official list is maintained by the Clerk on behalf of the Scottish Mountaineering Club and now exceeds 6, names. However, some of 'compleaters' do not register their details for a variety of reasons. The Munro Society welcomes all Munroists who have compleated whether or not they have registered with the Clerk of the List. The Society exists to bring together the wealth of mountain experience that members have accumulated and thus provide a forum in which to share interests and concerns as well as creating opportunities for convivial gatherings.

Compleat is an archaic spelling of complete. Join us on Facebook. There was a collective sigh of relief as Cairn Toul from Braeriach summit. Photo Copyright Norman McNab. The Munro Society Founded in membership is open to anyone who has climbed all the Munro summits as listed in Munro's Tables at the time of compleation - currently there are mountains of Munro status with a height of ft or more above sea level. Find out more about us Annual Dinner Saturday 14th November Some Random Gallery Photos.

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List of Munro mountains

He does! View this gallery. Anne Butler with Derek Sime. Category winner in photo competition. Frank Johnstone and Bill Taylor View this gallery. View All Galleries.Like everyone, we are now beginning to returning to our office spaces and hopefully some normality? The Munro Table project will be now be accepting reports until mid-summer to enable all affected by the Covid lockdown, the time to return to the project and complete their walk and report.

This will of course put the project back quite a few months, but will enable us and all involved the opportunity to continue. If you are not able to walk your chosen hill within this period, please contact the project via the Contact page to enable us to offer this to another participant. Thank you for your continuing support. Wishing you all good health and walking.

Eddie Summerton. A large-scale environmental community project celebrating the centenary of the death of the mountaineer Hugh Munro. His name is remembered forever in the list of mountains in Scotland over feet, known as Munro's Table.

The project will be launched on 19th Marchyears after his death and run for a period of one year. The Munro Table is inviting up to hill walkers, runners and climbers who are planning on being out on the hills, to each select from the Munros and walk to the summit any time over the following year. Their account and photograph from the hills will be included within The Munro Table publication and dedicated website.

Each contributor to the project will have a page with information relating to their choice of hill, the events of the day weather, wildlife, route, who they were with etc and their photograph from the hill. The publication will be stored within an archival portfolio and presented on a bespoke table fabricated from wood from Lindertis, Kirriemuir, Angus, the family home and burial place of Hugh Munro.

It is the project's intention to have The Munro Table displayed in a variety of locations galleries, educational, film festivals, parliament etc once the hills have been selected and related information is gathered. Each location bringing a different community to the project, offering information, readings, song etc - associated with the Munros and mountain habitat, their mythology, nature and eco-geology. The Munro Table will be gifted to a public collection in Scotland for future access and research.

This will be a unique record of this centenary year in the mountains, contributed by the community of walkers, climbers and runners who have each reached the top of a Munro. The project will record where they are from, why each selected the specific mountain, wildlife spotted, the weather and their reason for mountain walking e.

This will enable those interested in researching family archives, hill walking communities, walking routes, wildlife, high altitude weather, hats - the possibility of getting access to this information for years to come. The planting of high altitude trees is being funded by the artist responsible for The Munro Table in gratitude for the contributions of the individuals involved.Please select your Munros from the list below and contact the project with the names and numbers of the hills.

The number attached will enable easier administration of your selection. You will then be sent The Munro Table publication page with your selected hill and a request to supply your photograph and related information.

Your name will appear against your selected hill in the Munro lists.

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This will be on a "first come" basis. Please contact the project once the selected Munro has been completed.

munro tables

Once walked and the information received, the Munro will be registered as "completed". This will enable those also interested in this hill to know if it has been selected and completed. Most walkers go with a friend, group or a club and there will be the opportunity to name them on your page.

Hill walking and mountaineering in Scotland carries the risk of personal injury or death. This project should only be undertaken by those with a full understanding of the risks involved and the experience to evaluate them.

The conditions at high altitude in Scotland can change quickly even in summer affecting the seriousness of your mountain walk. The Munro Table project therefore cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or death arising from directly or indirectly being involved in this project. Please take care and have a fantastic time in the hills. Detailed information of the Munros can be found on the excellent Walk Highlands website.

The Hills Sorry, the hills are all now reserved. If any become available, these will be made available on the list.


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