Huawei p20 pro update

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Huawei p20 pro update

Android 10 has been out for several months now, having been officially unveiled back in September Huawei then released several roadmaps to elaborate when the devices would get updated to the EMUI 10 skin. Previously, we heard reports that the beta testing for these devices, which started in Novemberhad been closed.

It is worth noting that while this update is just now rolling out to devices in India and other regions, Huawei pushed out the stable build of EMUI 10 to this and other devices in China back in mid-December. Want to know more about us? Head here. A cybernaut grasping at all things tech.

Download Huawei P20 Pro B130 Oreo Update [CLT-L09 / CLT-L29 – April 2018 Security]

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huawei p20 pro update

New updates are being added at the bottom of this story……. Original story published on February 3, follows: Huawei has been hard at work to deliver stable builds of EMUI 10 Android 10 to its eligible devices. Huawei P Huawei P20 Pro. Want to work for PiunikaWeb? You'll be glad to know we're hiring. Next article. Previous article. Clinton Madegwa A cybernaut grasping at all things tech.I received my P20 Pro upgrade 2 weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it so far. The software version is v C which is way behind all others versions of the phone.

Can you please advise when an update will be available for the C version that EE are supplying? See the answer below or view the solution in context. Welcome back to the EE Community. I'm glad you are pleased with your upgrade. I also recently upgraded to the P20 Pro and I love it! View solution in original post. I'd like a reply from EE rather than someone that repeats the same answer. No wonder you have so many posts!

huawei p20 pro update

They'll advise you about the latest software for their device but not the version you have through EE, that should have been made clear. The changelog published by Huawei includes "bug fixes and camera improvements". By definition that means that earlier versions of the firmware are defective.

Thanks FurstyFerret, it's a great phone and I can put up with any minor issues until the new firmware is released. It's just a little annoying that our European neighbours get the latest updates but we have to wait. Huawei have started releasing for C dual sim version and according to Three says this should reach all P20 Pros by Monday, not sure if this also includes EE as the firmware is the same on all C but customised by the network operators whether purchase sim-free or on contract and you will receive updates when they authorise Huawei is fine to release.

If you think it is bad on the P20 Pro I got my update yesterday to just think the Mate 10 Pro is still on March security update and no details of when we will receive another update on it. I see. They have combined multiple updates that they released for other models into one update for UK models.

It is strange that they don't provide full chagelog for this release. I don't believe there are no internal schedules or timeframes for the next firmware release for the p20 pro - so why not share them? You have no control over the firmware on the iPhone or Pixel line of phones and they seem to do okay.

Other phone companies have pushed updates for the p20 pro. It feels like these days once an Android flagship is released its mostly forgotten about by the carriers and all attention is refocused onto the next big launch!

That would be fine is you didn't act as a blocker to important security updates. If you really cared about your cusomters you would do everything you could to get updates out in a timely manner, like other carriers have shown they are capable of.


Bit of a pointless rant here but I feel it important to let EE know my feelings, as perhaps it's the only way they will change. On iPhone, I am used to Apple controlling and rolling out all software updates.

The same was true of the Pixel phone I owned for a short while for work. It was great. You knew that you benefited from the latest in security patches and features. Upon returning to Android I half expected things to be a little worse, what with the phone being carrier locked.Submit an application for a repair, check your warranty, or get quotes for spare parts.

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Please enter at least two characters. Repair Services Submit an application for a repair, check your warranty, or get quotes for spare parts.Huawei P20 and P20 Pro were launched in March The phone packs GB internal memory. Huawei P20 runs on Android 8. It also has a fingerprint sensor on the front.

The handset supports dual sim with 4G on both slot. Huawei P20 Pro runs on Android 8.

EMUI 10 Update in 2020 List

It also has a Fingerprint sensor in the front. I started my career as a blogger in and also worked on an Android niche platform to gain extra income. I saw that there is a firmware for Canada that is available for the Huawei p20, but it seems that this is not the case for the Huawei p20 Pro. Why that? When is it going to be available for the Canada? Thank you! Como reinstalo el firmware stock del p20? Ya no puedo desbloquear bootloader, me gustaria un metodo oficial, y en el metodo que se usaba antes no se puede por que este modelo no cuenta con ranura para tarjeta sd.

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About Huawei P20 and P20 Pro:. The Advantage Of Stock Firmware. Related Post :. List of Huawei P20 Stock Firmware collection.

Mohammed Huwais. May 27, at am. May 30, at pm. June 7, at pm. Yes, an update would be nice! Thank you very much! July 23, at pm. July 24, at am. August 20, at pm. June 29, at pm. January 15, at am. I have the Chinese rom, can i use this method?

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.Huawei P20 Pro started receiving a new Oreo update integrates April security patches along with regular bug fixes which bring the version to 8. The update is rolling via OTA and will reach every user in a phase-wise manner. If you still not received the OTA and you want to update manually using the update. The update is simple and easy. Make sure you read and follow the steps properly. Download Update. Before following the below guide on how to install firmware on Huawei P20 Pro, you need to follow certain requirements.

Download the required files before flashing the firmware on your phone. Do it at your own risk. Still not able to update? This led me to start "GetDroidTips". For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

huawei p20 pro update

Learn how your comment data is processed. If any queries or feedback, please leave a comment. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Search in Articles.We were fans of both flagships at Express. Google released Android 10 on September 3 for its Pixel line of smartphones - a small number of other devices have also been granted the new software at the time of writing.

Android 10 makes a number of seismic changes to the operating system - chief of which is a system-wide dark mode that ensures most native apps will adopt black and grey tones when enabled. Improved notifications, new permissions and revamped gesture navigations are just some of the other notable features present in Android EMUI 10 is most striking for its new aesthetic that places the majority of content in native apps towards the middle and bottom of a phone display.

You can read our full impressions of EMUI 10 here. Although Huawei had previously expressed confidence its P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro handsets would be granted Android 10 - it had previously been unknown when such an update would debut for the devices.

However, during its keynote at German trade show IFA, the Chinese company declared it expects the Mate 20 Pro to receive the update sometime in December. P20 Pro fans will have to wait a little longer for the upgrade - Huawei said it anticipates the hardware to be granted EMUI 10 in March of Google released Android 10 for its Pixel devices last week Image: Google.

Apple Watch upgrade: Apple could update its wearable tomorrow Amazon Echo could be challenged by a new rival today BT broadband challenged by new deals from an unlikely rival.Huawei P20 and P20 Pro devices come with Oreo 8.

After a Long time, Huawei released Pie 9.

huawei p20 pro update

EMUI 9 version is well optimized for Both devices. The flash tool method requires PC Support. If you want to update a security patch to the current month. Before that method, try this OTA Method. The process is straightforward and straightforward. Go to your device setting menu and scroll down to the bottom. You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process. Selecting correct firmware is the Major step in this process. Always prefer Automatic OTA and update. If you have rooted the device or using a Custom OS Choose a flash method.

If you face any problem or if you need any additional mirrors comment below. Selva Ganesh is a Chief Editor of this Blog.

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I would ideally like to reset the phone back to factory defaults with the 9. Hi, I have p20 eml-al Total time: 0. If you have an official version, Try the software update. Or Rooted Mobile? O meu esta sem a play story Modelo p20 eml-al00 posso instalar a rom EML-L29 para aparecer a play story? I have p20 pro no still update through OTA Currently emui 8.

Besides, the bootloader must be locked. I am looking to install an official Stock version. How can I bypass the Google login screen, or how do I remove forgotten pin password?

Huawei P20 Pro EMUI 10 Europe Date

Thanks very much! Boot into Stock Recovery and Wipe user data. It will delete your whole storage. Your email address will not be published.


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